Gevalia Coffee Club Special Offers

How the Gevalia Coffee Club Works

Explore the World of Coffee and tea! Try two 1/2 pound packages of our exceptional coffee and receive a 12 Cup Programmable Stainless Steel Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe & Gevalia Travel Mug as a special gift, all for only $22.95.

Choose from the finest, carefully roasted Arabica beans and premium teas, hand-selected by our Master Taster, then delivered right to your door! Choose from over 40 exceptional coffees and teas after your introductory shipment. You'll also be in complete control of how much coffee and tea is delivered and how often.

When you join, you'll get 1/2 lb. packages of the type(s) of coffee you have chosen with the understanding that you will continue to receive additional shipments approximately every six to eight weeks. You may also receive a special annual shipment.

Prices vary, ranging from $5.55 - $7.45 per package plus shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change.

You may cancel your service at any time after receiving your introductory shipment. The gifts are yours to keep! You can change the quantities and types of coffee or tea you receive at any time, as well as the frequency of your shipments.
Choose from over 40 Exceptional Coffees and Teas
Gevlia Coffee Club Selections
After your first shipment, the next will arrive approximately one month later. After that, shipments will follow approximately every 6 weeks. You can change this at any time by managing your account online or by phone. If you need to, you can even have your shipments suspended temporarily.

You'll be billed at the time of each shipment. Prices of coffees and teas range from $5.55-$7.45 per package or $7.95 for Regular and $8.45 for Decaffeinated per box of 18 pods. You may choose the option to pay by check upon receipt of each shipment or have each shipment conveniently billed to your credit card.