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Gevalia Coffee delivers the finest coffees & teas right to your door!

Gevalia Kaffe, purveyor of fine European coffees, has been satisfying the tastes of coffee lovers for generations. Gevalia offers more than 30 varieties of coffee and 13 varieties of tea. This wide selection allows Gevalia to suit the various personal tastes, moods, and desires of the world' coffee and tea lovers.

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  • Enjoy the finest coffees and teas delivered direct to your door sealed in airtight coffee bags
  • Choose from a over 40 exceptional coffees and teas after your introductory shipment
  • Select whole bean, ground, caffeinated, or decaffeinated (many available as Pods).
  • Customize every shipment so it's exactly what you want.
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  • Manage everything online, by mail, or by phone

Gevalia Special Offers

Gevalia sources coffee from small and large farms around the globe. Today's coffee growing climate challenges us with social, environmental and economic issues. At Gevalia Coffee, we understand this complexity are committed to contributing to meaningful solutions.

By purchasing superior quality beans, we pay a premium over prevailing market prices. Another major focus of our efforts is on enhancing product quality. Gevalia Coffee> has made significant progress, including partnering with international coffee producers to raise quality standards for coffee, living conditions, and the environment.

Gevalia also supports community programs to provide for the social needs of the less fortunate in coffee-growing countries, including education, food, and medical aid. Supporting a future for the entire coffee industry benefits all who depend on coffee for their livelihood, and Gevalia is proud to be part of the solution.